Connect. Reflect. Act.


Increase your impact as a leader by connecting with a broad range of professionals and structuring your self-reflection.  You will be inspired to take action. You will build a personal board of directors.

We will dig into questions such as:

-How well do you know yourself?   

-Where and how do you generate innovative ideas?  

-How well do you leverage the business community around you?  

-Who are your closest advisors and confidantes?  

-How do you hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals?

-How strong are your relationships and influence skills?

-How are you giving back to your community?

-How do you stay energized for the next phases of your leadership journey?

We are now accepting NOMINATIONS for The Directors Dozen.

This highly selective leadership group will be facilitated by Cathy Paper and Britanee Pelikan Tebrake who have led from the front in large corporate and entrepreneurial settings.

The Directors Dozen will provide small groups of individuals in the for profit and not for profit sectors the opportunity to connect, reflect and act.  Through structured reflective exercises and accountability partnerships, you will work toward the next phase of your life and career with a focus on cross category innovative thinking and stronger community.



-Develop a career experience roadmap for the next 3 years

-Build community with leaders across industries, companies, and non-profit organizations

-Glean innovative ideas from a variety of sources

-Discuss difficult “real-time” issues (ethics, people management challenges, work/life)

-Receive coaching and feedback on communication style and executive presence

-Map relationships and develop best practices to develop life-long networks & sounding boards



-Separate topic each month to be discussed (i.e. your life graph and goals; leading with integrity; managing up down and around; innovation; how to stay at the top of your game; mapping and building relationships; integrating personal and professional; career resiliency)


Criteria for Acceptance:

-Director or VP level (must have direct reports), open to coaching and feedback, able to dedicate 2 hours every 3-4 weeks for 9 months (minimal pre-work)

The Program Terms:


-Only one participant from an organization in each group

-Group meets for two hours every 3-4 weeks for 9 months, 

-Group limited to 12 individuals from different organizations (for profit and non-profit)

-Fees: $4,500

$2,500 Non profit

Scholarships available.

-Includes one 90 minute coaching session.

1:1 coaching available for an additional fee.


If you're a leader who wants to increase your influence and impact, consider applying.

Upon completing this application, you will be contacted regarding next steps.

Invest in your future.



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